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Me in my hiking boots

Sometimes everything falls apart, and all you can do is start again.

Sometimes you learn that you don’t know who you are, and you have to find out, and it hurts a lot. And then afterwards, the person you are realizes that the person you thought you were made some really bad decisions.

Sometimes you look ahead and realize that the outlook is dire and you need to make some drastic adjustments to weather what’s coming.

Sometimes you see that the world has fundamentally changed, and you need to adjust to that, because in a battle between you and the rest of the world, the rest of the world will win.

Sometimes these things all happen in quick succession, and at some point you see that your life has gone through another discontinuity.

Sometimes you need to abandon some self-imposed principles and become part of the problem, because a solution to the problem is out of your grasp.

Sometimes you just need to rip it all up and start over.