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iPhone remorse?

·1 min

As the reality distortion field begins to fade, people are starting to wake up to the iPhone’s shortcomings. I’ve been assembling a list of issues I’ve seen mentioned:

  • No SDK.
  • No Flash.
  • No Java.
  • No Bluetooth file transfer.
  • No DIY MP3 or AAC ringtones.
  • Although the camera takes 2 megapixel photos, the only way to get them out is to e-mail them, which resizes them to 640×480.
  • No Bluetooth keyboard support.
  • Need a new battery? $80 and you have to mail the phone to Apple and wait 3 business days.
  • Poor talk time.
  • No instant messaging.
  • No modem support for using it with your laptop.
  • Recessed 3-pole headphone jack doesn’t work with regular headphone plugs.
  • No video support from the camera.
  • No MMS (multimedia SMS).
  • Glass front invites disaster.
  • No unread mark support in mail (IMAP).
  • No filters in mail.
  • No voice dial.
  • Regular SIM cards don’t work, so you can’t get an overseas SIM and avoid roaming charges.

So yeah, definitely not buying one. But I bet iPhone 2.0 in a year or so will rock.